Er din nettavis på høyde med de beste i utlandet?

ona09Vår amerikanske søsterorganisasjon ONA står bak Online Journalism Awards i samarbeid med University of Miami, og de deler de ut to priser for «General Excellence in Online Journalism, Non-English«.

Her er kriteriene:

This category honors a non-English language Web site from anywhere in the world that successfully fulfills its editorial mission, effectively serves its audience, maximizes the use of the Web’s characteristics and represents the highest journalistic standards. The sites will be judged on excellence of content, interactivity, rich media, design, navigation and community tools. Entries may consist of one main URL. 

Two awards – $3,000 prize each:
Small: 0-999,999 monthly uniques
Large: Over 1 million monthly uniques

Note: Entrants must provide the following information in their entry remarks to qualify:


  1. URLs to three examples of original online reporting in the last 12 months that showcase the quality of their online journalism. (A brief summary of the news articles or a URL to a translation would help.) 
  2. Three examples of design and navigation innovation and an explanation of how that has helped users. 
  3. Three examples of creative use of online technology in the last 12 months, ranging from new types of digital journalism, to multimedia, to user interactivity. 
  4. A brief explanation of how they incorporate user-generated content and methods of reaching out to and including the audience in their site.
  5. URLs to any documentary evidence from professional organizations or peers that support the entry, for instance, awards, special funding, or praise from journalism professionals and online innovators. 

Les mer om OJA hos ONA!

Påmedlingsfristen er 30. juni, og prisene deles ut på ONAs årskonferanse i San Francisco i oktober.

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